Your Cam Belts (or Timing Belts) should be checked at regular intervals specified by your vehicles manufacturer. If your belt snaps it can cause major damage to the valves and pistons in your engine or worse.

Check your service booklet for the exact intervals for your particular vehicle.

Alternatively you email us at Lydham Forge or call us on 01588 638585, and we can check the recommended interval for your vehicle and advise you when you should have your cambelt checked. J A Price Motor Engineers will ensure the right Cam Belt is fitted to your vehicle and at the correct tension.

Cambelt Repairs

J A Price Motor Engineers - The Best Mechanics For Your Vehicle with a Professional & Friendly Service

We are able to carry out work on all different makes and models. Our mechanics have worked on Cambelt Replacement on a wide range of vehicles.

We source suppliers with the lowest costs but that still offer quality performance and reliability. Our replacement parts will last you just as long, if not longer, than the originals.

If you have concerns about voiding your manufacturing warranty, please let us know. We can make sure the exact parts are sourced if required, whether you have a Ford, Vauxhall, Audi, BMW or any other make of vehicle.

J A Price Motor Engineers believe the customer comes first. Our Cambelt Replacement specialist will talk you through the problem and will only replace items that are necessary.

For a quote or more information about Cambelt Replacement call us on 01588 63 85 85

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