With our newly opened MOT Test centre we can provide a full preparation, repair and test service.  We source suppliers with the lowest costs but that still offer quality performance and reliability. Our replacement parts will last you just as long, if not longer, than the originals.

Book your car in with J A Price Motor Engineers to ensure your MOT failure becomes an MOT pass. We can also service your car while it is in our Lydham Forge Garage, Bishops Castle. Call us now on 01588 63 85 85 to book your vehicle in.

MOT Repairs

Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that are in contact with the road so having the right tyres fitted for your car is very important.

We are an Official Fitting Center for Kumho Tyres which are fitted as standard by BMW Mini, Volkswagen and many more. Our prices are for fitted tyres; valves, wheel balancing and disposal of your old tyre are optional extras. We also offer laser wheel alignment, we can advise if this is necessary by the wear on your tyres.

We can repair punctures (where appropriate) and can check your tyres for faults and advise as to the legality of your tread. They must have a minimum depth of 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tread, around the entire circumference but they should be replaced before they reach this point. Correct tyres help performance & fuel economy!

Call us now on 01588 63 85 85 to get a quote for your vehicle.

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An MOT is to check your vehicle is roadworthy. A service will help keep it on the road. We perform a full service which we will record in your supplied Good Garage Scheme handbook. We service all makes from new, using genuine parts, where required, or good quality aftermarket.

At J A Price Motor Engineers we check oil levels and condition, fuel filters, electrics and will notify you of any areas that may need attention in the future.

To book your car in for a service call us on 01588638585

Car Servicing

We offer dealer level Autologic Diagnostics for Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat & Audi.

With this system we can perform software checks & updates, key programming, remapping to improve fuel economy and power, coding and reprogramming of ECUs as well as enhancement for electronic systems. Details on the tuning that can be done to your vehicle can be found here

To book your vehicle in or for more information call us on 01588 63 85 85

Autologic Diagnostics

Every car over 3 years old needs to undergo an MOT every year. Without a certificate, your vehicles insurance will become invalid. MOTs are to ensure your car is roadworthy and should not be confused with a service although they are often carried out at the same time.

You will only have parts repaired if they need to be to pass the test – but we will offer advice on anything else that may cause a problem between now and your next MOT. Our mechanics will determine whether it is a pass or fail and then advise you to the best course of action.

MOT Preparation

Brakes are arguably the most important part of the car. Without them stopping would be… interesting. There are many different problems that can affect your brakes. At J A Price Motor Engineers we have seen all of them, and from our Lydham Forge Garage, Bishops Castle we have repaired all of them as well.

A brake health check is part of our MOT Preparation service. We will check your pads & discs (or drums where appropriate) and ensure that your brake fluid is topped up. Pipes will be checked for corrosion and connections checked for leaks and rust.

Brake Disc

Your Cam Belts (or Timing Belts) should be checked at regular intervals specified by your vehicles manufacturer. If your belt snaps it can cause major damage to the valves and pistons in your engine or worse.

Check your service booklet for the exact intervals for your particular vehicle.

Alternatively you email us at Lydham Forge or call us on 01588 638585, and we can check the recommended interval for your vehicle and advise you when you should have your cambelt checked. J A Price Motor Engineers will ensure the right Cam Belt is fitted to your vehicle and at the correct tension.

Cambelt Repairs

If you find your car is struggling to start or your headlights aren’t as bright or heater blower not as powerful it could be your battery at fault. We can perform a quick check to see if your car battery is able to hold a charge. We also check your alternator is charging correctly.

At J A Price Motor Engineers we will get the right battery for your vehicles make and model. We can tell you the different options available your vehicle from batteries for cars with standard electrical equipment to those that need more power for their ICE. We have a large selection of car batteries in stock so call now on 01588 63 85 85 for more information.

Car Batteries

If your engine accelerates but without an increase in speed then your clutch could be slipping or your Dual Mass Flywheel failing. It is usually accompanied by either a judder at clutch biting point, a burning smell or an inability to drive up steep hills… or all of these! The DMF is changed at the same time.

At Lydham Forge, Bishops Castle we are able to identify clutch & DMF problems and fix them quickly and efficiently. Other clutch problems can include your vehicle juddering when driving, difficulty engaging gears and sudden movement of vehicle even when the pedal is released gradually.

Clutch Replacements

A tune up will keep your vehicle running efficiently and can add a bit more power to a lagging motor. Modern engines are equipped with an engine management system and J A Price Motor Engineers have the equipment to fine tune your car and have it running smoothly in no time.

Your vehicle will return better fuel economy and better performance. We also offer Autologic Diagnostics for Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat & Audi.

Engine Tuning

Your vehicles exhaust pipe has a hard life. They are exposed to the elements and the salt on the road so even if you drive very carefully, car exhausts eventually corrode and need replacing. We will find and fit an affordable but durable, long lasting exhaust system for your vehicle.

A healthy exhaust system is essential for any vehicle as it transfers poisonous gases to the rear of the car, reduces engine noise inside the car and converts unspent fuel into spent fuel via the catalytic convert.

There are usually 5 sections to an exhaust system. We will advise you which sections need attention.


We offer a local breakdown collection service.

To book a collection or for more information call us 01588 63 85 85 or send us an email.

Breakdown Recovery

There are a number of things we need to take into consideration before fitting a Tow Bar to your vehicle. We will need to know the weight of both your car and the item you will be towing. We are able to fit Tow Bars on the same day.

Our tow bars come from trusted suppliers and we have fitted many so you can be confident in the knowledge that your caravan or trailer is secured by a J A Price Motor Engineers fitted towbar.

Tow Bar Fitting

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident or something has just broken J A Price Motor Engineers can fix it! We source parts from a number of trusted suppliers so we can combine great prices with quality goods.

Whether it has been a shopping trolley bump or reversing into a bollard our mechanics have got you covered. Call J A Price Motor Engineers today for a quote or use the contact form here

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